#20th 22/11/2017

Web Design - Developer & Fly Fishing - TLW Master Loop

I'm the founder and _dev. implementer of these projects, part of the latest creation, including the New! CodePlay ex Lessico Playground - WordPress _dev. html/wordpress WpFix(wpfix.it) Hook. FlyFishing T.L.W. Master Loop on Webbeloz Bamboo Fly Rods - Split Cane. Presentation and statistics are completed by the Short - Url Shortener dedicated and allows for short url and dedicated server/stats. Experience (dev): Html, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Flash - Action Script & more famous graphics editor. With Python I designed and Made a Business Management Gestione™ © for Invoices and Document Accompanying the Items Transportation, Storage, Loading and Unloading of new Products from the Barcode Reader. Experience - Engineering Designs and Graphics: AutoCad, AutoArchitet, ACCA, 3DS Max, FireWorks, PhotoShop, InkScape and m.more... For 3DS Max I dedicated a Rendering Html, JavaScript web space. The Webbeloz(_wblz) Team was born in 1997 after being trained in a Construction Engineering Project. A few years after started Designing on Pentium 486, I started some #HTML static projects. The name _wblz was born immediately after the nickname school friends. Inside a Webbeloz they are born then: (ux) Web Design which includes #PHP, #JavaScript & #PYTHON _dev. Solution & inside _wblz Demo Examples + Custom Hand Made #DIY On the occasion of the #20Th Anniversary we decided to reopen the good Old Forum without importing the old discussions that are obsolete today. The new Forum is of last generation based on Flarum Open Source. Also on the Occasion of The 20th I started a GRAV approach to a latest Generation CMS that contains within it many of the latest emerging applications and that could replace WordPress in the future, with this Blog.